April 7

Battered & bruised…

Had a great week’s skiing with the wonderful A family, made better by the discovery of Angelo Di Cola, the Kinésithérapeute Biokinergie Masseur who did wonders in coaxing my aching body back to life. Daily. Can’t quite explain exactly how he does it, but as he says, one has to feel it and not think it. On the basis of results, I felt it, and will happily leave it at that. If you happen to be in Les Arcs and want his number, let me know.

Fascinated by the fashions on the slopes and you can instantly tell the surf crowd from those who ski – and no, I am not just talking about age, although I concede a probable correlation. Snowboarding gear has been evolving at a rate of knots and this season ski gear has been making big leaps towards integrating the two. Trust Nike to feature an inside personal stereo pocket with a headphone exit. Will update on next season’s fashions later this year. Perhaps we will be blessed with an inside hip-flask pocket with an IV exit.

Felt quite cool in my Prada gear (thanks S) until the instructor said that I ski like a 4 year old “you think your bottom is your knees”. Too horrible to translate.


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