April 22


It wasn’t just the sensory overload of walking into a rocking party, nor the abundance of happy upbeat teens and their wallets better known as the parents – it wasn’t just the incredible lighting or the feeling of being in a majestic building… the sense of discovery stumbling into room after beautiful room, nor the truly, sweetly helpful assistants. It was the semi-naked god who greeted us at the door. And yes, naturally, I am talking Abercrombie & Fitch’s flagship store in London. They seem to have exported the joy all the way from the US, albeit at what seems double the price.

We left wondering how the average teen was going to afford the £50 for a T, and came to the conclusion that this is perhaps how the A&F logo will keep it’s aspirational status.

Only last week, the Luxury Marketing Council put together a panel of 16 to 22 year olds who did fabulously well in giving us their their views on all things luxury. Chaired by Daniel Franklin, Executive Editor of The Economist, it was hugely entertaining and an eye opener to say the least.

Their views? Well not surprisingly Topshop – a hit and Kate Moss very much part of the deal, Primark – where you get most bang for your buck, A&F – cool and aspirational, and Ralph Lauren – luxury. When asked what their most luxurious gift would be, the majority wanted a car. Any car.


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